What is prostate and what is it function

Prostate is a wallnut sized gland situated below the baladder and surrouns the is also close to the rectum and can be felt by placing finger in the is found only in the man and not in the woman.

The function of the prostate is to produce seminin,a subtance found in the semen which helps liquify semen which is necessary for reproduction.

What is prostae enlargement

After the age of fifty prostae enlarges in size.the enlargement could be age related benign( non canacerous) or canacerous(malignant) enlargement in few patients.with the enlargement it blocks the passage of urine as there is compression of urethra.

What are the symptoms of prostate enlargement

Asymptomatic: some patient may not face any problems insptie of increase in the size of prostae and the enlargement can be incidentally identified.


  • Difficulty in passing urine
  • Straining while passing urine
  • Interrupted urinary stream
  • Sensation of incomplete emptying of urine
  • Increse day time frequency
  • Increase night time frequency of urine
  • Repeated episodes of urinary tract infection
  • Sometimes blood in urine
  • If patient fails to take timly treatment he may develop retention of urine (inability to pass urine)
  • Very rarely kidney failure.

What shuold i do when i notice these symptoms

You should consult urologist and after proper examination he will advice you for few blood and radiological test

what are the test doctor will carry out

  • Doctor will take your medical history
  • He will do your digital rectal examimation(dre) :as shown in the figure a dre is gloved finger examination of the prostae through the rectum.
  • Psa test: (prosatic specific antigen)
  • Ultrasonography to assess kidey,uretr, baldeer and prostae
  • Uroflometry test:computerized assssment of urinary stream

What are the treatment options for benign enlargement of prostate?

Medical management: in the recent time very effective medicines are available for the treatment and majority of the patients are treated either with alpha blocker medicines or 5 alpha reductase inhibitor medicins or most important thing to remember for the patients on medical treatment is that medications should not be stoped without medical advice and most of the medication are for life time.


  • Surgery is advised in select group of patients
  • Whose problem is severe
  • The patients who donot respond to medical treatment.
  • Patients with rpeated acute retntion of infection
  • Patients who suffer repeated urinary tract infections due to prostate problem
  • Patients with urinary bladder stone and prostae problem
  • Those who develop renal failure due to prostae enlargement

1,turp: This is the most effective ,efficient,affordable option and practiced worldwide since last 30 years. endoscope is palced in patient’s urethra and prostae is removed in pieces.patient is requiered to stay in the hospital for 2 -3 days .thers is no need for blodd transfussion in almost all cases and there is no cut placed on patient’s body.this is time tested method for the treatment

Dr.parikh with Dr.peter gilling
Dr.parikh with Dr.peter gilling(Newzeland)


Holmium Laser Prostate surgery


Geen light laser surgery