Testimonial for the Training program

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Lahoti (Urologist) MP,
Excellent, Personal, Focused, Helpful staff
Dr. Manoj Biswas (Urologist) Dehradhun,
Nice academic session Almost covering all aspect of RIRS All over nice experience
Dr. Subha Kanesh (Urologist) Tirunrlveli,
Give an excellent Platform and intact a sense of confidence to start an RIRS with a safety to both the patients and the scope.
Dr. Vivek Mehta (Urologist) Haryana,
Well managed workshop In-depth discussion of all aspect of RIRS Good case selection and excellent demonstration of all cases of stone disease Overall good learning experience
Dr. Tejus C. (Urologist) Banglore,
Excellent demonstration of technique to held the young urologist who went to take up RIRS.
Dr. Vilas Sabale (Urologist) Pune,
It was wonderful experience to attend the workshop. Excellent surgeries. The presentations also very useful. Daily practical hints for RIRS very useful.
Dr. Tarique Naseem (Urologist) Moradabad, U.P,
Attending this workshop was an eye opener. I have been attending several workshops on applications of stone laser but the quantum of information that I have managed to imbibe here is unparalleled. I congratulate Dr. Kandarp Parikh for having spread his precious time from his busy practice for this endeavour.
Dr. Vitthal Krishna (Urologist) Solapur,
Impressed for Dr. Kandarp Parikh’s sincerity, Simplicity, dedication and patience in conducting this workshop. This workshop has all the qualities and academic interaction which was more personalized. Cheers to RIRS.
Dr. Jayesh Kuchadkar (Urologist) GOA,
Excellent education program. Thanking for taking my personal teaching. I am grateful to you.
Dr. Sanel Varghese, (Urologist) Kerala,
A very comprehensive course Focus on fundamentals appreciated